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VDO MC 1.0+ Bike Computer
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VDO MC 1.0+ Bike Computer
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VDO MC 1.0+
VDO Cycle Computing

I've tried a lot of bike computers over the years. Some have lasted less than one mountain bike ride, while others have stayed on the bike until the bike was sold. It looks as if the MC 1.0+ may well be one of the latter. VDO is a German company who has been in business since the 20's. They started out making speedometers for bikes and now also supply speedometers for high end auto makers like Mercedes. These guys know their business.

The box came with the unit, unit holder, handlebar adapter, wheel sensor, magnet, zip ties and even a battery. It took all of about 20 minutes to attach it to the bike. I had to fiddle a little with the proximity of the sensor to the magnet and it was nice to have the bike stand to do that. You can remove the computer from the bike by twisting the head to the left and lifting it out of its holder and changing the battery requires nothing more than a quarter. The unit comes with a bar mount, but you can order a stem mount if necessary. FYI The bar mount won't work on my fancy road bike aerodynamic bars, so if you have one of those be sure to get the stem mount.

I've used the MC 1.0+ on my road bike on numerous long and short rides including one 70+ mile ride that went over the Kanc and back. I used it in tandem with my Garmin Edge 305 and the two were effectively right in sync. On my mountain bike it worked equally well. I don't usually follow how high I've climbed in the woods, or the grade so that was very cool to have. The display uses large numbers and is easy to read even in the shade. That's a boon for older riders like me.

Having altimeter, temperature and gradient readouts in addition to all the basic functions were all very nice. You can easily switch from mode to mode by pressing any of the 3 large buttons on the unit. The altimeter is barometric so you should calibrate it almost every time you ride, but that's really easy. There are lots of additional features such as ride timer, trip counter, maximum speed, stopwatch and more. You can check them all out on the VDO web site.

Conclusion:  If you want a great bike computer and don't need cadence or a heart rate monitor you certainly can't go wrong with the MC1.0+. It does all the basic stuff plus altimeter, gradient and temperature and does them well. I had no problems at all with the unit. It was solid, reliable and affordable.

What more can you ask for in a bike computer? Well, on the road bike I'm pretty much addicted to cadence and heart rate monitors so those would be welcome additions and word has it that those are in the works. That said, at under $150 the MC1.0+ is a hard unit to beat.

actual speed
trip counter
odometer (2 wheel sizes)
odometer total
ride timer
average speed
maximum speed
actual temperature
altitude gain on actual trip
max altitude reached on trip
average gradient on trip
maximum gradient on trip
total altitude gain on all trips

Al Hospers
September 2006