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ride guide: Cedar Creek trails
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Ride Type:  mountain bike
Distance:  16.00 miles
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Start at the pullout just outside Echo Lake State Park on Old West Side Road.

Cedar Creek has great single track loops that have little elevation change providing an area where you can "add on" one trail after another to increase your mileage or cruise the fire road back when you are spent. Combine these loops with the Mineral Site climb for a very rewarding downhill.
Park just outside the gate at Echo Lake State Park and take one of a few trails over to Hales Location. A short climb up the main road past Moat Lane and some very upscale houses will bring you to the Tee on Hole 5. Respectfully ride up the last driveway to the Tee and dip into the woods just behind a boulder. Make a fun water crossing to the Joe's Alibi cabin and follow the drive through the gate. When you reach the intersection with the fire road you have plenty of options. Trails leave the road on the left and right and loop out and back providing great pine-needled laden single track.
The one to the left, Energizer, features some mud and a plank bridge to balance across. When it finally intersects a fire road hang a right to take you back to where you started. Or you can continue straight across to another nice trail past a swamp that takes you back in the general direction you started. At the next fire road intersection take the de-Energizer trail directly on the other side which brings you right back to where you started.
The one to the right, de-Energizer, has a couple of neat dips and connects with the fire road just up the way. You can do the reverse loop previously discussed, or take a right on the fire road, and follow it a couple of miles up a hill to gate and another intersection. Take a right to the top of the hill to a parking area and the start of the Mineral Site Trail.
If you want to suck some O's, take the trail behind the parking area and at the intersection bear right. Continue past a couple of small hills and a great dip to the 4-Corners intersection. DO NOT turn right as this trail is unfortunately closed. Go straight through the intersection and past the Mineral Site area. Bear right and downhill until just before a clearcut take a left into the woods. An amazing downhill takes you to a fire road. hang a right and in 3 minutes you are back at the Joe's Alibi intersection.
There are a miles of other rides in this area.
Author:  Dave Lottman
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