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ride guide: North Woodstock, Olivarian Notch, Haverhill, Kinsman Notch Loop
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Ride Type:  road bike
Distance:  51.50 miles
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Park at the Ranger Station at the corner of the Kancamagus Highway and Interstate 93.

Go under I 93 and into North Woodstock. Continue across the intersection onto Rt 112.
Ride gently uphill to a Y at Rt 112 and 118.
Bear left onto Rt 118 and start a winding 9 mile climb. Keep an eye out for the pulloff on the left with a spectacular view across the valley and Lincoln.
At the top of the notch begin a long twisting downhill on a narrow mediocre road that goes on for many miles. At times there will be a river on the left or right.
At an intersection in Warren, turn right onto 25 and head towards Glencliff. Continue on occasionally rolling terrain past Owls Head cliff and Olivarian Pond past East Haverhill and Pike.
Turn right at the intersection with Rt 10 and continue up the busy road to North Haverhill.
Turn right at Rt 116 and continue past the road to the Dean memorial Airport to Center Haverhill. After a few miles of flat road begin a long gradual uphill climb on good road past beautiful farmland and country houses.
Near the top of the climb, just past Benton, enjoy the steep downhill with a dog-leg curve to the left. A short climb then takes you to the top of the climb.
A surprisingly short descent drops you at an intersection with Rt 112. Turn right onto 112, a larger highway, and continue a few miles to the intersection of 112 and Rt 116.
Begin a long moderate uphill past the Beaver Brook to the top of Kinsman Notch and Lost River Gorge.
Enjoy an amazing downhill on excellent road back to the intersection of 112 and 118, continuing back into North Woodstock and then into Lincoln.
Author:  Al Hospers
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